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Movement introkurs med Aleksander Jomisko kommer til Novus Academy!!

Through this 5 week course you will depend and expand your understanding of your own physicality. You will learn potent tools and routines that will help you move with less pain and limitations pain, into moving with more capacity and freedom.  

We’ll dive through concepts ideas that help us understand how the body functions on a very simple, basic and natural level.  

 The total intention for this course is for you to gain knowledge and understandings that motivates you to move, along with quality tools and routines that actually provide you with desired results. 


 What we’ll cover this course: 

 Movement Perspective’s  

Small lectures during the course to expand on our understanding of movement and physicality, related to health and wellbeing, growth and development, interaction with others and our environment. 

 Basic Strengt and Mobility 

We’ll work with efficient drills and routines that will strengthen, open and stabilize the body all over. Some of the specific areas we will cover: Neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, fingers and toes.  


Coordination can and should be developed by all human beings. Through games and interacting we’ll be working through this with laughter, frustration, and results.  

 Focus and Responsiveness 

We’ll look at the skill to stay focused within a task, we will be working with focus related to a variety of different situations, along with the ability to react efficiently. 

 The Practice/Process  

Small lectures covering the importance of nurturing and taking care of our body through movement, and the great joy and benefits that go along with it. We’ll cover the why, how’s, and what a daily movement practice could look like for you.  


You’ll be provided with written and video material for you to work with the content in-between the classes. All participant are encouraged to take notes, and work with the given material in their free time, to experience the best progress and to get the most out of the course. 


The course are open to all levels and ages, no prior experience with this work is required.  

Everything within the course is set up in a way that it will challenge all levels.  



This is a 5 week course, with one 2-hour class every friday.  

See below for the specific dates:   

18/11, 25/11, 02/12, 09/12, 16/12  


What to bring 

Bring clothes comfortable to move in, water, notebook and pen.  


Price: 1200, – 


All booking is binding 

Send e-mail to to book your spot. 


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